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Laughter is good for the soul and a fun way to relieve stress! John can bring his unique brand of humor to your meeting and keep your teams laughing. His humor is unique but also appropriate for any audience. Your face may hurt from laughing but you never have to worry about content. There are too many funny things in this world to need to shock.


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John’s style of humor is observational and self-deprecating and he loves to see people laugh and have a good time. Contact John today and let’s get this party started!

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John would love an opportunity to meet you and entertain at your next event. Whether that event is down the block or anywhere in the world John can come to you and tailor his humor to fit your crowd. What you will get when you hire John is a high energy speaker with a quick wit and a passion to make a truly lasting difference for the people in your life.

Contact John today and let’s get your special event on the calendar!

“This can be the year that changes everything!”

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