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During John’s 25 year career in sales and sales management he has learned the power of listening and how the mastery of that skill can have a dramatic impact of one’s life personally and professionally. He is passionate about all aspects of listening and will show your team how to improve how they listen to the people in their world.

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John would love to come to your convention, conference, retreat or company and provide you a presentation that you will not soon forget. The key to presenting new or established information is to keep the audience entertained and engaged. John can do that by interacting with your team and have them feel an important part of all that happens.

Contact John today and let this be the beginning of an exciting year!

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John would love an opportunity to meet you and speak at your next event. Whether that event is down the block or anywhere in the world John can come to you and tailor his talk to fit your theme. What you will get when you hire John is a high energy speaker with a quick wit and a passion to make a truly lasting difference for the people in your life.

One of John’s core themes is the “Power of Listening.” In a world where everyone is talking there are not enough people who are actually listening. By mastering even this one skill you will discover that the way you and your organization interacts with their world will be forever changed!

Contact John today and let’s get your special event on the calendar!

“This can be the year that changes everything!”

Keynote Speaker John Scott with the crowd in WI
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