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Imagine what is possible! Think of what your sales team could accomplish if they could transform their vision from being merely an employee to becoming a salespreneur! To look beyond next months quota to champion a just cause! Are you ready to make the pivot to view competitors as rivals to learn from and improve one’s own weakness? Now is the time to introduce John to your team! He will bring a high energy, entertaining and highly participatory training that will prepare your sales force for today’s ever-changing landscape! This can be done virtually through a variety of platforms or live with your group.


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John’s experience and entertaining approach to sales training is highly effective and motivational!

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John would love an opportunity to meet you and your sales team. Whether your organization is down the block or anywhere in the world John can train your team in person or online. What you will get when you hire John is a high energy speaker with a quick wit and a passion to make a truly lasting difference for the people in your life.

“It’s time to get back on track!”

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